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At Weston Milling Animal Nutrition we offer a range of speciality feeds that deliver exceptional nutritional value to a variety of animals, be they for commercial development, sports performance or lifestyle farming.

We pride ourselves on producing exceptional, specialised feeds that incorporate quality raw materials, ensuring a complete and nutritionally balanced feed at all times.

We manufacture from the highest quality grains and raw materials, tested to Feedsafe standards, to ensure that the high quality of our feeds remains consistent and reliable.

Our range of speciality feeds are available in both bulk and bagged format, providing feeding solutions to customers of all sizes.


We have been formulating and providing high quality diets to meet the nutritional requirements of a wide variety of horses for many years and have some of the best known and trusted brands in the country. All of our equine products are supported by a dedicated team of nutritionists and technical advisors.


Our dedicated nutritionists have developed a leading feed that delivers a high performance diet to Marron, Gilgies, Koonacs and Yabbies. Produced specifically in Western Australia to meet local requirements, these complete feeds contain all the vitamins and minerals needed.


Developed by experienced nutritionists our Alpaca feeds are carefully formulated to be suitable for breeding, lactating and growing Alpaca’s. With high energy levels for milk production and added vitamin and mineral supplements, our Alpaca products provide an all round balanced diet. These products are pelletised to reduce handling and wastage as well as providing balanced nutritional intake.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig

Our range of Rabbit and Guinea Pig feeds provides nutritional solutions for both breeding animals and companion pets at all stages. Developed by expert nutritionists, all our products are high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy and balanced ration. These products are pelletised to reduce handling and wastage.


We have a diet suitable for goats at all stages. Containing high levels of protein and fibre, essential for ruminant animals, our products are designed to supplement and increase the natural nutrition of quality roughage and pasture. Developed by expert nutritionists, all our products are palatable and nutritious as well as being pelletised to reduce handling and wastage.

Find out more about our speciality feeding solutions and how Weston Milling can add value to your business.