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Poultry of all sorts are among the fussiest of feeders. They need the best raw ingredients and absolute dedication to manufacturing quality feeds to perform at their peak. Weston Milling has been supplying Australian poultry farmers with their complete nutritional needs for nearly sixty years. We use only the best quality grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all tested to Feedsafe standards, expertly milled and supported by a dedicated team of nutritionists.

Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we have developed a comprehensive range of feeds that deliver consistent, high performance for all poultry livestock . Whether your interest is in layers, broilers, ducks or turkeys we have a solution for you.

All our products are based on extensive research and development and are carefully formulated to deliver optimal performance.

Our range is available in both bulk and bag format, so there's a product whatever your requirement.

Find out more about our poultry feeding solutions and how Weston Milling can add value to your business.