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Our range now includes added probiotics for better health and improved egg quality.

Weston Milling now include a Probiotic which contains the live bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis in a heat protectant coating.The Probiotic used byWeston Milling has shown improved bird health, shell quality, egg production and litter quality.

Probiotics contain bene cial bacteria which are cultured under laboratory conditions.These bacteria boost the population of bene cial bacteria in the gut when consumed.The bene cial effects which these bacteria have is restoring the balance of mico ora after dietary stress, exclusion of pathogenic bacteria in the gut (e.g clostridium and coliforms) as well as aiding the immune system.

Trials with this Probiotic have shown that it works to modify gut micro ora balance by decreasing the numbers of clostridium and coliforms in the small intestine and colon of the laying hen and increasing the number of bene cial bacteria such as bi dobacteria and lactobacilli.The gut micro ora plays a major role in reducing infection and maintaining the gut intestinal mucosa in the bird.

This Probiotic has shown to increase villus height and crypt depth in the small intestine and therefore improve nutrient absorption.Older hens have a decrease in egg shell quality which can be partly attributed to the decrease in ef ciency of the intestinal absorption of calcium.